News and Events

thumbnail_3A4A4516-2.jpgFriday 21st December – Thursday 27th December 2018
Limmud Festival
Aviva will be a presenter at Limmud, an international festival of Jewish Arts and Culture, co-chairing the Book Club, speaking on panels, performing in Letters Live and delivering a series of lectures on Jewish Bloomsbury. For more information and to book click here.

Sunday 27th January 2019
‘Torn From Home’ at the Tara Theatre
Aviva is the curator of a new series of Tara Poetry. This evening of poetry and song will mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2019 with readings by family and friends of survivors, alongside performances by two contemporary exiled poets: Ugandan Nick Makoha and Syrian Amir Darwish.  Israeli soprano, Sarit Aloni, will sing a programme of international Jewish music to accompany the readings. To book click here.

Sunday 3rd February 2019
‘Literary Tea: The history behind The Weight of Ink’ at Bevis Marks Synagogue
Rachel Kadish’s historical novel The Weight of Ink, set in the City of London following the Readmission of the Jews, won a National Jewish Book Award. For those who have read it, and those who haven’t but would like to find out more, Bevis Marks Synagogue will host an afternoon exploring the truth behind the fiction. With Dr Aviva Dautch on ‘Shakespeare and the Jews’, Rabbi Shalom Morris on ‘The Reality Behind the Readmission’ and a Q&A with the author Rachel Kadish via video stream from America. To book click here.

Sunday 10th February 2019
 ‘Teacher, Colleague, Mentor, Friend’ at the London School of Jewish Studies
An afternoon of learning in memory of Maureen Kendler z”l with Nic Abery, Dr Aviva Dautch, Gila Fine, Judy Klitsner, Lindsay Simmonds, Michelle Sint, Dr Tamra Wright. To book click here.

Sunday 24th February 2019
‘The Remarkable Isaac Rosenberg’ at Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue
Isaac Rosenberg, best known for his poems, many written while serving on the Western Front, was also a fine painter (Slade School of Art). Aviva will discuss his Jewish identity & creative life and ask how an East End Jew became known as “the most remarkable of the British poets killed in the First World War”. For booking information click here.

Wednesday 27th February 2019
‘Lodestone Poets’ at Waterstones Bookshop, Tottenham Court Road, London
Aviva will read from Primers Volume Three. For more information click here.

Tuesday 9th April 2019
‘T.S. Eliot and Anti-Semitism in C20th Literary London’ at JW3 London
The case for T.S. Eliot’s antisemitism was successfully prosecuted some years ago, but the recent publication of his complete prose and letters have complicated the issue, since like the old joke, some of his best friends were Jewish. In this lecture, Aviva will explore who they were and how they caused Eliot’s views to change over the course of his writing life. To book click here.

Monday 3rd June 2018
‘Exiled Writers’ at the Poetry Café
Aviva will curate and host this month’s Exiled Writers evening with poets and musicians. No advance booking necessary. For more information on the monthly Exiled Writers events click here.

Friday 28th June – Sunday 7th July 2019
Bradford Literature Festival
Aviva will be a presenter at Bradford Literature Festival, one of the most inspirational festivals in Britain, with authors from across the UK and around the world. She will be reading her own poetry as well as in conversation with other cultural figures in a variety of events and workshops. For more information click here.

Friday 5th July – Sunday 14th July 2019
Ledbury Poetry Festival
Aviva will be a presenter at Ledbury Poetry Festival, the biggest poetry festival in the UK, on behalf of which which she has been running Holocaust workshops in schools during 2018-19. She will be reading from Primers Volume Three as well as participating in a panel session about poetry and politics. For more information click here.